Benefits of joining the local farming technology community


The Local Farming Technology Report (for members only)


The Local Farming Technology Report is a monthly review of what’s new and innovative in ag technology. We research and report on technology that has potential for benefiting farmers and producers that grow and sell their products directly in their local markets. We do the work of researching the technologies that the Local Farming Technology Community members want to know about. Members can go to the CONTACT US page and tell us about their interest or ask any questions they have about a technology. They also can tell us about challenges they are having on their farms and we’ll do the research on that topic. If a specific innovative product is being requested, we contact the technology provider directly to get a better understanding of their product, it’s features and how it might benefit our members. Then we share the information with the entire community through the Report.

Free Webinars: Innovative Technology, "Local" Business Strategy, Educational (for members only)


During the year we conduct a variety of webinars on topics of interest to our member community. Members have free access to these webinars. As is the case with the Local Farming Technology Report, members can request topics of interest through the CONTACT US website page. We recruit content area experts to present those topics on the webinars.

Increase your Profitability and Productivity


Our mission is to help you and others in our community to produce more and thus increase the availability of good healthy local food. To do that your farm needs to be as productive and profitable as possible. We think that using innovative technology is one of the keys to making that happen. We are your source for discovering innovative technologies that can help improve your farm business.

Know that you are supporting the Local Farming Technology Community


By supporting the Local Farming Technology Community, you are supporting not only your farm business, but you are also helping others in the community. To make local healthy food available to more people, the entire local farming community needs to get more productive. Linking farmers to innovative technology is one piece of the puzzle that can make that happen.